Safe Hands Plans Options

Safe Hands Funeral Plans Options

Our Safe Hands funeral plans are available to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of health, medical history, or status.

Unbeatable Service at an Unbeatable Price!

Recent research conducted by Safehands, to assess how their rates compare to the other major companies in the funeral planning market, has proven, that in addition to being one of the industry’s most trusted and recognised funeral plan providers, they’re also the most competitively priced.

With so many prepaid funeral plans to choose from how do we know which one is best for us? Surprisingly, all of the major funeral plan providers supply very similar plans, so in this case price really does matter!!

By choosing to take out a Safehands Plan, not only do you benefit from our unbeatable prices, but you have the added peace of mind of knowing that when the time comes, your funeral will be of the very highest quality.

SafeHands Plans currently provide a comprehensive range of 5 different funeral plans to suit all tastes and budgets: The Topaz, The Pearl, The Sapphire, The Ruby and a Direct Cremation plan. With the exception of the Direct Cremation, all options can be tailored to suit particular preferences. From the big things, like whether or not it’s a cremation or burial… to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers. Would you prefer a traditional coffin or upgrade to a wicker coffin. Maybe you require a further limousine. What ever your preferences, please speak to us and we will provide you with a quote for adding on any additional services. Please also be aware that your tailored plan can also be changed and upgraded at any time.

We offer a comprehensive range of prepaid funeral plans covering both cremation and burial, and all can be tailored to suit every conceivable taste, preference and budget.  For a more detailed breakdown of the services covered in each of our plans, including related costs and payment options, please follow the links below:

Direct Cremation Funeral Plan

We understand that not everyone wants an extravagant, all-inclusive funeral. To many, when life's course is run, there seems little sense in spending heavily on what will be their final journey. Due to this, we are unique in that we offer a very simple plan that includes all the essential aspects of a direct cremation, but without any additional elements.

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Safehands Topaz Funeral Plan

The Topaz plan is a basic plan that provides your loved ones with the comfort of knowing that when you pass away, all the funeral director's fees and services will be covered: Please Note - That this plan does not include an allowance to contribute towards disbursements/3rd party fees*.

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Safehands Pearl Funeral Plan

The Pearl Funeral Plan is ideal for those who want a relatively simple burial or cremation funeral, but one that gives loved ones the reassurance of a traditional, dignifi­ed ceremony, with no compromise on the expected levels of care and attention to detail. This plan also includes a £1'200 allowance to contribute towards disbursements/3rd party fees*.

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Safehands Sapphire Funeral Plan

Safehands Funeral Plans - Sapphire funeral plan is the most popular in our range. It features all the same elements as the Pearl, but also provides a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony. This plan also includes a £1'200 allowance to contribute towards the disbursements/3rd party fees*.

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Safehands Ruby Funeral Plan

The Ruby plan provides our most comprehensive package. With its additional provision of an oak-effect, veneered, coffin and two following limousines, it is particularly suited to those with large families, or who favour the idea of a more lavish farewell. This plan includes a £1'200 allowance towards 3rd party fees*.

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